Fitch Mountain Hike - Registration Form

October 7, 2018
10:30am - 1pm

Join us on October 7th for a hike up Fitch Mountain with Ted Calvert, local historian and author of Legacy of Fitch Mountain. Please complete the form below and we will follow up with you with additional information about the hike.

Ted Calvert has assembled a book that celebrates what is most worthy of our respect, reflection, and protection: the natural beauty of our own backyard, and the place we call home. It should be read not only by residents of Sonoma County but by anyone who admires the ever changing Northern California hills.
— Dan Imhoff, author of Farming with the Wild, president and cofounder of Watershed Media publishing house

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Legacy of Fitch Mountain encircles this iconic peak from so many angles and voices, historic and ecological, personal and philosophical, that its forested slopes come to life. The mountain‟s geology and presence parallel its essence as a place inspiring generations past and present.

Ted Calvert’s serious reflections on this “Backyard Wilderness‟ will inspire both those living within the site of this mountain and visitors from near and far to find and develop their own sense of place with land close to home that can forever nourish mind, body and spirit.
— Craig Anderson, Executive Director of LandPaths (Land Partners Through Stewardship), Sonoma County, CA.